Crushes: day out with half of the clique

Went out to City hall for lunch and accompany Diam Diam to buy an earphone and headphone for him and his mother. Before that headed to Ryan’s house first to pick up the box for his earphones, honestly the weather was so hot, I was sweating buckets and my hair got all sticky, it was a bad start to begin this day. Out of all the dogs, I’ve met in my life Ryan’s one was the nicest, not overbearing yet quiet. It sniffing my leg did frighten me though……………..

Ate Mos burger for lunch and did felt rushed by him which kind of bothered me but NEVERMIND. Afterwards, cause satan’s spawn number one wants to hang outside and I want to relive my childhood hence I suggested the SCIENCE CENTRE. During that period of walking over from the MRT station to the Science Centre, I can sense that she’s tired but she tried maintaining her energy level. However after entering the Science Centre where there is aircon we felt much better. The best attraction was the earthquake simulator which gave a thrill. Ate Mcdonald for dinner with Bunny guardian and Blackieee, I didn’t finish my fries because I ate too slow……….. and my drink…………………….SHE FUCKING FED ME FRIES WITH CHILI I thpught she was just being sweet but noooooo she had to play me like that.

We headed to Jcube to look around, the first store we went to was a somewhat tightly packed store that sold plushies and bags that’s when he mentioned he wanted a bolster or a pillow for his birthday. Considering but I kind of have something else in mind.

The second store was like a “teenager” store when anything that is in trend among youths was sold there for example cards of the humanity, he wanted to get away with the angry face emoji pillow but stopped him because of what he said just now thought that he might seriously run away with it. I mean you never know or do you. Around this time I felt Bunny guardian’s energy, he was very low spirited, felt like he was hanging on a thread like he’s emo but he’s trying to maintain appearing fine on the outside.

The third store we went to was Miniso, hugged a huge brown fluffy wuffy bear. OMGAWD THAT SKY FLEECE BLANKET THAT Satan’s spawn number one picked out WAS SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFLUFFY LIKE WOW LITERALLY FELT LIKE I WAS IN THE SKY ON THE CLOUDS that’s how comfy it is. I became a nun afterwards. The selection of soft toys was way better than the ones near my house.

The fourth store was Daiso, ran away from the both of them because we need to discuss something about her privately. Then we headed to the MRT because she needs to reach home soon. Almost fell asleep on the way back then headed to another mall in our area. Reached home, bathed, blogged, skyped then slept.

Okais Nitess


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