Had lunch with wz, had to clear off the air between us and also start chatting with him again as I felt that there was a distance between us and I didn’t want to lose my strong connection with him as a friend. We ate subway, was panicking at certain parts of the meal then made our way to the park. We catched up on certain parts of our life that’s when I felt more calm as everything was back to normal, we were conversing mostly abt school, his crush and some M18 stufff AHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH as per normal.

The problem is that I’ve been sending songs to my friends but none of them seems to take too much interest to them. It would be nice to have a few friends who also enjoy the vibe that pop songs give and appreciate its melody. Haish when you’re obsessed with pop music and need new songs at least once every week. Which is why I DID DO SMTH ABT IT. I went to the app store and downloaded some apps that have these “public chats” where anyone can join in the group without adding the person to your contacts. I joined a few but they were arguing about an artist instead of sharing music. One even stated that I was a lazy ass because I listen to songs on the radio. Technically I searched up all my songs on YouTube and what’s wrong with pop songs. Some people appreciate lyrics more, some the bass,  some the beat and so on but we shouldn’t pull someone down just because they like a genre of music different from yours. Just because someone listens to emo rock doesn’t necessarily mean they are deep. 

Anyways these are all the songs I’ve been listening to recently, I would appreciate any recommendations regardless of its genre.

Charlie puth, attention
Lia marie johnson, cold heart killer
Shawn mendes, there’s nothing holdin’ me back
Tabitha nauser, bulletproof
Mckenzie small, caught feelings
Sabrina carpenter, on purpose
Gryffin,Illenium,Daya, feel good
Aviva, hype
Alessia cara, overdose
SG Lewis, yours
Oh wonder, lifetimes
Dani im, fighting for love
Betty who, mama say
Betty who, human touch
Jojo, Alessia cara, I can only
Dua lipa, last dance
Zayn, still got time
Superfruit, bad4us
Stargate, Sia, P!nk, waterfall
Aanysa, snakehips, burn, break, crash
Julia michaels, issues


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