First two days of school

I have never been so tired out by a school in my life as of now.

On the first day, I had to utilise so much of my brain to generate ideas plus my team and I had to come with two presentations in one day. LIKE WHAT. It’s already stressful to manage time doing the powerpoint slides now we have to speak in front of the class with confidence for two times?!?!??!?!? Furthermore, we were given a lot of homework which is why I felt so drained and didn’t felt like blogging.

On the second day, it was even worse, I had no one to eat with and the person who sat beside me was from another class. THANKFULLY she was nice, sweet and experienced with one of the software we would be working a lot on for the whole year. I’m rushing myself to become numb to all emotions and just be used to feeling loneliness. My mom said I should try approaching others but the problem is would it be better to become a third wheeler or a loner hmmm………….. Ryan gave me a great suggestion and that is to sketch my ideas how to improve a software’s user experience but the problem is that I’m too shy to draw in front of others……..and I don’t want to appear like a goody two shoes. WHY SHOULD I CARE OMG NOT LIKE THEY CARE ABT ME except for this girl who likes anime she seems nice.

For the past two days, my heart has been palpitating very fast when I pass by people and my flatulence caused by my anxiety has returned WHICH IS THE WORST CASE SCENARIO. It has become more increasingly noticeable as the next day approaches, I guess after experiencing the holiday I can’t adjust that well around a crowd of people. I just hope I don’t get shunned again. I go to poly to restart my life not relive it


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