Last night’s dream

My younger sis and I were in an experiment. We had to go through 10 stages to be released and in each stage we have to find the key to the portal for the next stage. There is a mission in each stage that we have to clear in order to obtain the key or else the events of the stage will repeat itself. I rmb being in the fifth with my younger sister for the 3rd time and this guy stabbed me with a knife (on the back?? Which could mean someone is going to betray me irl) and I said I feel like killing myself too. Then we didnt get the key, it repeatd again except this time the guy realises how importsnt family is magically and then gave me the key. It goes from 10 to 1, 10 being the hardest so as we pass through each stage relief took over me. After finishing the last stage we were released but not exactly. We were freed from the experiment but we are still on the ship that the experiment was held on. With the other girls who passed the experiment, some places on the ship didnt had lights on meaning they were best to avoid. I told my sis that in case she becomes curious. How I se it we were still not released and knew that if I wanted to get out I had to do it fast and without notice from the leader-in-charge of the ship. As I carried my younger sister bridal style heading to the opening not necessarily the gate to the outside world, we plunged into the water (mind you it’s a dream so my body believes it and was struggling to breathe in real life) then scene changed to diving deeper into the water so we can’t be spotted then I could breathe normally. Afterwards we started swimming closer to the top and then they brought nets to catch us. We got caught two times and then managed to free ourselves. They also send people to catch us while were capsulated in an egg and supposedly that’s what all the girls in the experiment go through. We somehow managed to escape again. Once we reach we headed for the place that my friend worked at. Whom I have been giving letters secretly about the torture I went through. There was a living space available and so we settled there and somehow my parents were there too. I met like 3 other guys who were his friends. One is short and has golden coloured hair. The other was more muscular and tall. The third guy had dark hair and was shorter then my friend who also had dark hair. Overall they were handsome. Yes. You heard me. I had a lot of fun with them and always felt very loved and cared for so did they. Love was present but not romantically and it just felt so nice to be in their presence. Where the hell are my girl friends, do I not have a single one?!?!?!?!?!? Nth wrong with girls only having guy friends but come on I’ve got to at least have some right in the dream. 


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