When I grow up

I know that when I grow up and work I have to start taking things seriously, I won’t be able to fool around as much and my social life could be gone. That’s why with the time I have now till I work I must have as much fun as possible, make as much foolish mistakes as possible, joke as much as possible if not this life will be wasted.I have to live wild, live free before society and the responsibilities of life weigh me down and cut off my wings. However, how?  How do I manage between my studies and my social life? Almost all my friends are pondering over their love life , I used to be like them but now I treasure my friends way more then some stupid boyfriend that probably won’t appear till what? 24 years old? Maybe that’s because I crave the buzz now and have not been watching or listening to a lot of love related dramas and music. My friends have their doubts but I don’t think I can find someone sweet, charismatic, loyal,romantic,protective in under a few years Pshhhhh Eventually everyone learns to give up and move on 


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