I don’t recall

I don’t remember the good times

Only resentment remains, torturing me

Don’t there’s going to be a tomorrow

Even the heart flutter moments, no no no no no

It doesn’t mean anything anymore

Stop it, I don’t recall 

The eng translation of Kard ” I don’t recall ”

I will forget u and move on 

I won’t have any feelings left for u 

To me your just someone of the past

Hope u think the same, no hate 

I will be happy for u if u find someone better 

Enough is enough

Too much tears, too much heartache

Not going to be possessed by you

Your smile, your laughter, your expression of joy 

They mean nothing to me anymore 

We didn’t start out as friends so let’s not be 

Idw to owe you anything 

I truly loved you 

If this is what a crush feels like , idw to know how a breakup feels 

But I still long for a soulmate

I am the one to blame for this carelessness


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