Crave for human interaction

I played basketball in the morning , ate lunch and played taboo and monopoly deal with my friends till about 3:30? Afterwards I watched the latest episode of a drama “strong woman do bong soon”soon then I had nothing to do.BECAME BORED AS FUCK,  felt like dying legit because I couldn’t stand the silence, my thoughts ran wild. Went on to Youtube to hear some songs, downloaded some songs, wrote the lyrics down for korean songs that I’ve found “Kard Oh na na”and “Kard don’t recall”. Later on I started disturbing my friends, had a small talk with marcus but because he has church activities hence pushed me to the side. I spammed the grp chat that includes marcus and some of my friends with stickers expressing my sadness and boredom. At about 8 we planned on going out to get bubble tea. My friend treated me then we walked around the neighbour with the final destination near my house. We played taboo and it was fun overall but I think we played it wrongly because instead of one person describing the card it was a group of ppl. Before the meetup I began appreciating my friends and all the times we’ve spent then started CRAVING FOR HUMAN INTERACTION not necessarily attention. I SWEAR I ALMOST WENT INSANE. However, after having so much fun I never wish for it to stop. I need to get used to the loneliness.Scarly Im alone in polytechnic.I know I can’t rely om my friends forever so let’s go all out while it last right? 

This was my horoscope for the day: 

Aloof and indifferent conduct leads to problems, especially if you have important plans to discuss. Distance yourself, even if only for a short time, to reflect on the best way to improve your attitude and sensitivity to others. Emotionally you are feeling isolated and distant. Look for distractions and deal with these questions at a later more appropriate time.
There weren’t any important plans to discuss so I guess I was fine. I was being a bit insensitive and more direct today.Ues I did felt emotionally isolated and distant. Didn’t exactly find a distraction maybe I shall write more lyrics of songs I downloaded and try to memorise those korean songs. I feel so blessed , only hope   that my friends think the same way.Thank you God 


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