Poly JAE results

Yes , I have my JAE results back but it was my 10th choice and almost everyone knows or fills out the rest of the 6 choices based on minor interest or the courses that are close to their aggregate score. So I was bummed out that I wasn’t accepted into any of the marketing courses but I guess that was to be expected. However I don’t regret not studying hard enough because under my conditions I had to miss a lot of lessons and it was a miracle that I could return to face society in a “stable manner” in a span of 3 weeks. I got accepted into an art course in republic polytechnic which caused a hurricane in my brain. First of all , will the problem based learning be a disadvantage to me due to being in an art course ( that doesn’t make sense does it ? ha ha ahhah ha )

Second of all does the universities in Singapore accept students who come from a PBL learning background , I mean I researched and they do but the chances aren’t that high ???? or it could just be that fewer students from RP wanted to go to uni.

Third of all , do I even want to enter university , its so hard to get accepted in plus its expensive , I can’t trust myself to make a promise that I will get into uni because I just know I get distracted easily and procrastinate a lot but still will wanting to get into a marketing course motivate to go uni WHAT IF I ENJOY ART??? I do enjoy art but what if I like my course so much that I don’t want to enter marketing in uni. Furthermore I will get a higher pay if i enter university HAIZZZZZZZZZZ

Fourth of all , if I can’t enter uni and an diploma in art is all I have do i really want to pursue a career in the art path. Its hard to find a job in arts or music career path in Singapore unless u study architecture or arts involving technology.

I’ve decided to appeal to Nanyang polytechnic its still in the arts area but still WHAT DO I WANT WITH MY LIFE ? WHAT DO I WANT TO ACHIEVE ? I SWEAR I’M SO FUCKED UP SOMETIMES




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