I suck at blogging 

Currently 5:07 am in my country’s time. As I began to explore and discover new blogs in WordPress I find that my blogs pales in comparison 😞😞.I know that everyone has a different way of telling a story and that I am aware that my version of it doesn’t have to suit everyone ‘s tastes. Sometimes being a blogger doesn’t nesscarily mean I need to have the BEST grammar (I use British English )or vocab , I KNOW THAT BUT shouldn’t one try to improve themself as much as possible. Often times I’m not elaborative enough , I’m not mentioning more about how I felt instead I just describe what happens , I don’t know how to write poems and I bet I made all sorts of mistakes on my typing. Some people say it’s the passion for it that’s important but I think otherwise . After all the reason why I blog is so that I can find more people who share the same experience and connect with them but how can I do that if I can’t even connect my BRAIN TO MY HANDS 🙃🙃🙃 I keep forgetting on the way that I’m doing this for myself , that only I have the right to make these judgements affect me , that I should stop comparing myself with other people , just because I lack something they have does not mean I am beneath them BUT I CAN’T. Which is why I ❤️ to do girly things like shopping (hopefully I don’t become a shop addict when I grow up)up as they make me feel that I’m on the same league as other girls , that I’m not lacking no matter how shallow it is. However I would not want to make myself the top amongst my friend in terms of having everything as I also believe equality is important (U see how fucked up I am) Feeling like Quinn morgendorffer from the show Daria. 


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