Glaring sun rays struck me like lightning, Quickening my pace , I rushed to grab my friend’s stuff at the mrt station (Mass Rapid Transit) afterwards I had to dash back my house to take my other friend’s birthday gift . As I had swipe the gift out of a cupboard I realised I had made one of my friends wait under the lonely terrain of the supermarket. As I ONCE AGAIN hurry back home to change and grab my bag to head to the hotel , my psychosis acted up. I heard a familiar voice said: “what do you want to say to her” and him replying: ” I don’t know never mind” I think…………..

Nevertheless I pretended it was nothing in order not to give in to my fear anyways even if they are really there I wouldn’t be able to recognise them since I didn’t wear my spectacles. However after I had took my bag and changed into a black class T-shirt (dri fit since it was humid outside ) , a pleather origami skort , a pair of black slip-ons all complete with a black lace choker 😍😌😍😌😍😌😍😌😍😌😍😌 , I looked back at the source of the voice , they weren’t there.

  My friends were planning to spend an all-nighter which was fine by me however I wanted some girl time with one of my friend. Now at this point of time I’m reflecting on how sad it was that I couldn’t spend time with my other girl friend who’s birthday is today?!!!  Like how dare I treat her like that . Haish I could tell she really wanted me to accompany her to go to the open houses since today is also the last day for the open house. OH YA BTW I WANTED TO VISIT REPUBLIC POLY BUT MY OTHER FRIENDS DIDN’T WANT TO so I guess that can’t be helped. 

I watched the guys play volleyball (it’s not as impressive as it sounds) and battle using lightsabers , $200 each. Afterwards we head for BBQ and then requested for some girl time. SEEING THAT BOTH OF US BROUGHT OUR OWN MASK we each wore half of our own and the others which was the: Skinfood egg white pore mask and the Innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask. After that we had a dance party , it included a lot of body waving and swaying of our arms. THE BIG BANG MADE ALBUM IS PERFECTION AT ITS FINEST. Afterwards we shower while the guys enter a jakuzzi outside of the room. Now we are currently chilling and caught up with our entertainment source : the phone . Played a little game of truth and dare. Ate hot pot in the room at 2:45 am and then some of us headed for bed while the others played games or watched videos. I for one was watching video until the lack of sleep finally caught on with me but I wasn’t fully asleep neither was I fully awake as I could hear the conversation in the room the entire time. When the clock strike 7:30 , my girl friend and I headed for the buffet at floor 1. The variety of food there wasn’t plentiful nonetheless we enjoyed the peace and change of scene around us (the room was like a pig sty) 

Just watching our friends peacefully sleeping away triggers the playful side of ourselves and the question “what if?” pops up into our mind. The temptation GREW HUNGRIER AND THIRSTIER DESIRING MORE AS SECONDS FLEW BY. Finally I took a sharpie marker and drew on his arm , the others joined in. I reached home at about 12:08 and let’s just say MY SKIN CONDITION HAS WORSENDED due to the high sodium content in the hot pot food and the bbq . I’m just using my Gatsby facial tissue I got from np and nyp open house to get rid of the bacteria as it kinda feels and smell like hand sanitiser , like the quick stinging sensation with the alcohol smell sensation. Than wash my fash with cetaphil? Gentle cleanser and top it all off with an aloe Vera mask . Also sleep and drinking HUGE amounts of water helped to calm my skin and reduce redness


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