Experience at Ngee Ann polytechnic and Nanyang polytechnic open house 2016

Ngee Ann polytechnic open house school experience 2016 
My first impression of the students at Ngee Ann poly was that they are very competitive people (it’s a compliment). Students were placed every 3m? and greeted us feverishly . This causes me to think that the placement of students might be too excessive; however, the placement of signages was just right. The reason why I think they are competitive was because the previous person had already asked if we needed help or if we knew where we are heading to but the next person asked us the same questions again even though I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE that do not have any hearing impairment. Although this does show how considerate they are to make our experiences the BEST.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 

My second impression was that they are very committed. When my friend and I reached the schools that we wanted to alight at through the shuttle bus in Np there was sufficient amount of students cheering and welcoming us. They showed that they put in full effort to the things they were tasked with no matter how little interest they have towards it. 

Design is sleek , simple and stylish

can be used as a hand bag

or a backpack by opening the buttons

The goodie bag is an overall innovative product 👍👍👍 Nonetheless it is called a goodie bag and there’s supposed to be goodies in it but……. It only came with water a SCRUMPTIOUS whoopie pie 😋 and some booklets, I mean where the goodies at bro (#`-_ゝ-) 

I think it also came with this which was really helpful as my friend and I did a lot of walking and touring which caused us to perspire a ton

Although at the school of health sciences theyat they give out a free door gift , cupcake or waffle , candy floss or popcorn , ice -cream and tattoo .

The design is pretty good

The content seems interesting

My experience at Nanyang poly

The design on the bag is aesthetically pleasing

There are also grid details

It even has a small pokcet for important objects such as house keys that can be even more readily asccesible

Even though none of the ushers greeted us and some were slack if I must say so myself but I had the most fun in nyp’s open house compared to other schools. 

NOW THIS is what I call a goodie bag it came with a zipper pencil case (not to be confused with a pencil case that uses a zipper to open), a pen, two sample size toner from Face shop by the brand Dr Belmeurshop, two sample size moisturizer from the same brand,  one A to salt cream from the same brand , one froaming cleanser by the same brand,  a file and I have no idea where I received these but I know it was in Nyp and it’s the Hada  Labo (Japanese brand) whitening pefect gel and whitening lotion . THERE WERE ALSO TONS OF FREE GOODIES in a lot of the booths and cca intro area (Co-curricular activities) . I made my own chopsticks gun and had my name written in Korea, gotten a bunch of snacks and took some badges. 

Free T-shirts were given out in the school of business management and a myriad  of games can be played at each booth near there . Oh I just found out that nyp also gives out the Gatsby facial tissue and a 10% off total bill Swensens ticket. Their newspaper #NYPAwesome had interesting content as well. 


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