Visiting Temasek Poly and Singapore Poly open house 2016

Getting there

First of all, we took 969 but it ended up going to the wrong direction which took 1 hour , 10 am , that’s the time we wanted to arrive at Temasek poly so instead we took the mrt (Mass Rapid Transit) which took another 1 hour. I don’t understand why someone would build a school at the CORNER of Singapore?!!!  Anyways we alighted at Tampines and took the bus 69 which we waited for around 20 mins and finally reached the west gate of Temasek poly

The open house experience 

Now the difference between these two open houses in 2016 was that Singapore Poly had more signs and students ushering us graduates than in Temasek Poly which made it EXTREMELY EASIER to find the school we long to visit. I was also informed on the Temasek Poly website that there free limited t-shirts ; however, when we have reached there and went to the auditorium of one of the schools,no one seem to be passing out t-shirts we tried asking  two students where we could get them one had no clue the other said to head to The Plaza but we passed that location before and have not seen any therefore one of the possibilities is that they ran out of stock. 

 Now Singapore poly surprised us as it is not stated on the website that they are giving out free goodie bags. Though we did get the help of one of my friends’ seniors to know the starting location of where to head for the collection of goodie bags but we knew where to head as you can hear some students shouting out : “collect your goodie bags here!” 

I would like to mention that both schools have incredibly mature students and understanding counsellors or were they teachers ???? who are friendly, helpful and MOST IMPORTANTLY didn’t made me feel stressed out leading to a panic attack , instead they exude a caring aura which comforted me a ton . I particularly remember one of the temasek poly students making small talk while I waited for my friends to finish petting the dog which was very considerate , HERE’S WHY:  SO ONE OF MY FRIENDS (I don’t blame her whatsoever I just felt like I could have died and that she had placed me in a suicidal situation)  she was sort of interested in diploma of vetinary technology due to her passion for dogs and maybe other pets , asked to see the booth for the diploma of vetinary  technology at the School of Applied Science in Temasek poly which we ended up visiting and I wanted to avoid the dogs at all cost so I stood quite a distance away from the booths and she happened to spot me there,  accompanying me as I watch them embrace those creatures. Now I DID NOT REALISE THAT THEY WOULD BRING ACTUALLY DOGS TO THAT LOCATION. MY FEAR OF DOGS IS INCONCEIVABLE OKAYYYYY. Their barks are so high pitch and ferocious that I hear my ears ring when I’m around them not only that they also pounce on to anyone they are not familiar with. THEIR TYPICAL ANIMAL INSTINCTS ARE TOO WILD FOR ME.  That sounded wrong but YOU GET THE POINT. So I had a nearly fatal panic attack when the humongous golden retriever barked as I was trying to shorten the distance between us that was before they head to the booths but still generally in the same location. 

About the courses I have interest in

Originally I didn’t do my research on any of the courses in Singapore poly as I didn’t find any particular course interesting until I went for their open house and had a course counselor counsel me about the course that would best suit me. There was a quiz to let us know of our attributes and these attributes gave us more information about our personality and how we like to perform tasks but seeing as my anxiety had led me to have clamy palms I opted out. However if I remember correctly I think I did take the quiz before and have gotten artistic which is also the main attribute I received from other polytechnic personality quizzes this and last year. Thus I told her that it’s usually artistic and I’m interested in business courses , maybe it’s due to influence from my dad who also went into a business course. She told me that I should check out Diploma in business innovation and design and I saw sales and marketing as one of the career options which immidiately took my attention as marketing is the career option I’m aiming for. OK tbh(to be honest) I found a course called consumer behaviour and research in republic poly AND I JUST KNOW IN MY SOULLL that that’s the course Im meant for because I do a lot of research on the things I’m interested in and I rack up tons of ideas off of my head once I found something that inspires me. This course is under business technically the school of management and communication and has marketing as one of it’s career opportunities. So I began to grow an interest in marketing courses BUT I HATE HAVING TO DEAL WITH TECHNOLOGY. Idw to deal with a career whereby I just sit at a grey desk and stare at a computer all day long.  What am I?!! A zombie?  A slave to technology HELL NO unless it’s for entertainment purposes 😋😋😋✨ 

In conclusion I like to study the module consumer psychology and courses involving creative-thinking and problems solving which is most of the time marketing however the marketing courses in polytechnic loves working with IT(information technology) , haish this sucks 😒😒😒😒😒😒

Overall it was tiring travelling that much and I didn’t even get a wink of sleep (you can read about it in my previous blog post) but I discovered things I never knew about and it was a very eye-opening experience hence today is a crush


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