Poly JAE results

Yes , I have my JAE results back but it was my 10th choice and almost everyone knows or fills out the rest of the 6 choices based on minor interest or the courses that are close to their aggregate score. So I was bummed out that I wasn’t accepted into any of the marketing courses but I guess that was to be expected. However I don’t regret not studying hard enough because under my conditions I had to miss a lot of lessons and it was a miracle that I could return to face society in a “stable manner” in a span of 3 weeks. I got accepted into an art course in republic polytechnic which caused a hurricane in my brain. First of all , will the problem based learning be a disadvantage to me due to being in an art course ( that doesn’t make sense does it ? ha ha ahhah ha )

Second of all does the universities in Singapore accept students who come from a PBL learning background , I mean I researched and they do but the chances aren’t that high ???? or it could just be that fewer students from RP wanted to go to uni.

Third of all , do I even want to enter university , its so hard to get accepted in plus its expensive , I can’t trust myself to make a promise that I will get into uni because I just know I get distracted easily and procrastinate a lot but still will wanting to get into a marketing course motivate to go uni WHAT IF I ENJOY ART??? I do enjoy art but what if I like my course so much that I don’t want to enter marketing in uni. Furthermore I will get a higher pay if i enter university HAIZZZZZZZZZZ

Fourth of all , if I can’t enter uni and an diploma in art is all I have do i really want to pursue a career in the art path. Its hard to find a job in arts or music career path in Singapore unless you are in architecture.

Fifth of all , there are a lot of smokers in RP , if I’m going to be bullied due to being the only who doesn’t smoke I’m gong to start smoking. Yes I fall under peer pressure easily and yes I get influenced by my friends even more easily. I JUST WANT TO FIT IN but not if it means bullying others. IDK if I will though as terrible as it sounds even though I’ve been the victim before. UGHHH ALL SO FUCKING FRUSTRATING

I’ve decided to appeal to Nanyang polytechnic its still in the arts area but still WHAT DO I WANT WITH MY LIFE ? WHAT DO I WANT TO ACHIEVE ? I SWEAR I’M SO FUCKED UP SOMETIMES



2017 Cny thoughts

So it’s the second day of Chinese New Year and I’m just wallowing in self-pity in one corner. The adults should really be more considerate towards us like what do you want us to do while you chat away with each other. There’s the fact that we have to respect the elders and pay attention to the conversation, there’s also the fact that we tweens and teenagers might not be as close as U guys are so YAH……….. OMGAWD ALLpityyouyouALL OF A SUDDEN I CAN FEEL PANIC STRICK EVERY INCH OF MY VEINS due to my delusion that everyone is talking and looking at me. Maybe they are  😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 Do U know that sensation when U feel scared till ur whole body gets the chills but it’s hot with passion yet chilling down your spine. THATS WHAT I’M RECEIVEING . I feel my soul fade away . My mom ask me to go eat together with my cousins currently screaming on the inside!!!!!  OMGAWD THEY ALL USE THEIR CHOPSTICKS THE SAME WAY while I use the shortcut way I’m so embarrassed.  WTF MY HANDS ARE TOTALLY TREMBLING. Dafuq how come they can be so open with each other but not with my younger sister and I,  is there something wrong with me, is it cause they know of my illness,  it is cause of my terrible score,  is it cause they are Junior College eligible while I’m only poly.  I hope to leave soon I feel like crying. SWEAT CAN BE FELT FORMING ON MY FACE,  hope my makeup isn’t evident . DAMN I FORGOT TO POWDER TODAY and this faceshop cc cooling cushion is supposed to be moisturizing no wonder my face is so freaking oily hope no one notices. I heard them wanting to talk to us please God no I’m scared what do I even say. Ok I manage to act fine and everything went by pretty smoothly other than the fact I felt dizzy and almost wanted to faint. Haish today was ok I guess far better than yesterday when I was between the line of being conscious and unconscious (I was sleepy) and founf 2 FREAKING DOLLARS in my ang pao(red packet) 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤐🤐🤐🤐. I know who I received it from tho as I noted everyone’s name just in case we received one again this year but the number of $10 received increased this year. UGH my period is on heavy flow right now hope that tomorrow I won’t need to go somewhere that will make me feel tuncomfortableto change. Just bled on the bed great 😑😒 Really wanna go shop for clothes but it’s cny would any store be open and even if there is it would only be just a few right? Haizzzzzzz my mom said that how I develop this illness is cause I keep thinking about stuff that just doesn’t exist, how I don’t defend myself and put my personal standards too high but that’s how I’ve always been. Since when have my self-esteem drop so much where did my confidence go? I guess I’m just scared that I will leak out my secret but isn’t everyone. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING I keep battling with myself 

I suck at blogging 

Currently 5:07 am in my country’s time. As I began to explore and discover new blogs in WordPress I find that my blogs pales in comparison 😞😞.I know that everyone has a different way of telling a story and that I am aware that my version of it doesn’t have to suit everyone ‘s tastes. Sometimes being a blogger doesn’t nesscarily mean I need to have the BEST grammar (I use British English )or vocab , I KNOW THAT BUT shouldn’t one try to improve themself as much as possible. Often times I’m not elaborative enough , I’m not mentioning more about how I felt instead I just describe what happens , I don’t know how to write poems and I bet I made all sorts of mistakes on my typing. Some people say it’s the passion for it that’s important but I think otherwise . After all the reason why I blog is so that I can find more people who share the same experience and connect with them but how can I do that if I can’t even connect my BRAIN TO MY HANDS 🙃🙃🙃 I keep forgetting on the way that I’m doing this for myself , that only I have the right to make these judgements affect me , that I should stop comparing myself with other people , just because I lack something they have does not mean I am beneath them BUT I CAN’T. Which is why I ❤️ to do girly things like shopping (hopefully I don’t become a shop addict when I grow up)up as they make me feel that I’m on the same league as other girls , that I’m not lacking no matter how shallow it is. However I would not want to make myself the top amongst my friend in terms of having everything as I also believe equality is important (U see how fucked up I am) Feeling like Quinn morgendorffer from the show Daria. 


Crush : mini shopping trip 😍💕💕

Went to the North side of Singapore with my mom to pass some money to her father in China and to do a little shopping.

My mom wanted me to get a hoodie from Uniqlo as she heard that the classroom environment in poly is gonna be chilly.Which I ended up choosing one in black and a T-shirt. 

The irony behind it is that I LOVE WINDOW SHOPPING 💖💖💖 

Before I got on the mrt I was already panicking and over thinking as there was a mid 50s man shouting and that caused my heart to beat really fast. Although I know it wasn’t the voice of my bullies my mind kept telling me to look back . I also could sense my stomach acting up. If you didn’t know the male species triggers my anxiety if they leave me alone it’s OK but if there was any loud chatter , cheering or laughing MY BRAIN STARTS BUBBLING WITH GREAT IDEAS 😢👍 basically delusions start to form. 

However if the reason behind me going out is a shopping trip or something that will distract and benefit me IMMENSELY then I would gain a better experience of going outside.= ̄ω ̄=

The mrt ride went pretty OK as I had my mom by my side and she always exude an aura of warmth and love but there we’re these two boys beside me like maybe 1.5m away . Me being paranoid starts eaves drooping on their conversation and I guess I hallucinated about them judging me.

We also went to a couple of other shops like Giordana and Forever 21 but I didn’t end up buying anything. I’ve almost used up my Skinfood parsley and mandarin toner so when I saw The Face Shop I KNEW I HAD TO CHECK IT OUT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK *SQUIRMING SO HARD ON THE INSIDE*  Instead of ending up with just a toner OBVIOUSLY when U shop with most typical girls and like beforehand I got more than just what was needed . 

This is the pore-reducing toner (Chia Seed no shine hydrating water ) that removes unwanted excess oil and does not contain denatured alcohol or so it says

This is the Top-seller moisturiser (Chia Seed no shine hydrating cream ) which also removes excess oil AND EVEN COMES WITH A SPATULA HOLY MOLY 😭

Together the hydrating cream and water came with a free Chia Seed fresh cleaning foam which I am wary about since I heard foam cleansers are not recommended for oily skin……..

The Chia Seed line no shine hydrating water and cream is both calming and refreshing. Doesn’t irritate my skin at all unlike my previous toner which gave me a light sting (BTW I have oily and sensitive skin) plus it absorbs well AND MY HAND IS BABY SMOOTH OKAI. Next for my black heads I bought : 

Jeju Vocanic Lava peel off clay nose mask (on the left) and a Jeju Volcanic Lava pore serum (on the right) that removes excess sebum and tighten the pores after using the clay mask

For makeup I only bought the CC cooling cushion in shade V201 which is actuallu recommended for dry skin instead oops ☹️

 Can we appreciate this GORGEOUS PACKAGING. The lustrous glossy black surface with gold imprint of the label and the mirror that takes up all the space of the cover complemented with a gold satin fabric for the powder puff is JUST FABULOUS 😍👍😍👍😍👍😍👍😍👍😍

THIS CAME WITH TONS OF SAMPLES , two lemon citron mask for brightening , belif Hungarian water essence – moisture binder and The True Cream – aqua bomb , Rice Water Bright cleansing foam , cleansing water (makeup remover ) , lip and eye makeup , this all came with a sponge, Le Marche The Therapy anti aging formula the whole line I think , a tote bag , a kakao friends x faceshop  umbrella , CODE Glökolor spot light (Primer with sunscreen) and an everyday mask pack (special gift pack) from dearpacker . It includes 5 Black tea and Black rose mask (wash off) ,  5 Madagascar Clay MaskBlack black (wash off) , 5 Nordic White water peeling gel (Peel Off) , 5 Alaska Glacier soothing pack (sleeping mask) , 5 Black ginseng gold mask (sleeping mask) and 5 Moisture Mascream (sleeping mask) 

Which looks like this sorry for the angle of the photo idk how to change it 😓

Crushed : A visit to the doctor’s office

Ever since a few months ago , I’ve not been taking my medicine seriously and regularly. I felt that since its the holiday which means I’m usually at home , it would be okay to reduce the intake by a lot………………….plus its expensive.However I didn’t factor in the amount of “hallucinations” and “delusions” that are surfacing

A symptom of psychosis : thinking that other people can read your mind , I could remember appearing way back when I was still at prom which has become more significant as weeks pass by. I only noticed this when the  doctor asked me hence making me fear the outcome and made me take it regularly once again 😦 OH DEAR

I’ve learned that all kinds of drugs WILL be harmful to you no matter  whether the side effect shows up or not.Food that are not naturally produced  are not healthy but what choice do I have if I wish to recover. Will I need to rely on medication all my life? Discreet feelings of sadness crept its way around the light , surrounding it , strangling it . Crack , an opportunity , it slips in striking the core , impacting the whole system . Its  almost as if psychosis is just waiting by the corner knowing it has full control over me , I can only succumb to its will and be taunted forever .HAHHHAHHHAHHAHHAHAHhahHAHHHH hopefully not ;p

When I started heading for bed I noticed my stomach feeling uncomfortable , not sure if its because I ate something weird or my psychological well-being .Gut-brain connection  I wasn’t able to sleep side ways and top it off woke up at 7+ in the morning . Had a terrible dream last night too , it was about someone I had a crush on and basically I just chose him over my friend and he ended up giving hope on me because in real life I had always avoided him in fear of hurting my friends . It appears that even in my dream I still made the same mistake.How badly I wish I could turn back time.

Reflecting about my holiday

After graduating from secondary school , I shout HOORAY to two more years till I can drink alcohol and watch M18 movies #NOT

Now that I’m finally prepared to enter tertiary education territories , OR AM I.                         Due to it being the holidays I’ve been sleeping and waking up later ,viewing so many youtube vids that I’m running out of things to watch , not exercising as much before ( Side note : used to brisk walk 2.8 km every morning  . Mind you I actually sweated a lot afterwards ) and many more . HOW ON EARTH IS THIS LONG BREAK GOING TO HELP ME TO ADJUST INTO POLY LIFE WTS :<:<:<:<:<:<<:<:<::<:<:<:<<:<:<::<<:<<<<:<<::<<:<:<:<

However those habits are typical changes for everyone when the holiday rolls in but BUT is it so wrong to want to try to be productive so that its doesn’t hinder me in the future.     Plus who knows maybe I’ll end up in ITE intead due to my horrible , appalling , detestable , vile , ATROCIOUS O levels result , not that entering ITE would be a terrible situation but there is a course in poly that I’m dying to get in .

I used to procrastinate a ton but from sec 3 to sec 4 I progressively learned the habit of doing my homework right after school ended and finishing them that is until I’ve started my school holiday now I am back to square 1.

Achievable goals for the holiday :

  • Drink 6 cups of water every day maybe using “Plant                                                                   Nanny”, an app to motivate me to drink more
  • Run on the treadmill everyday at least for 8 minutes on                                                           normal speed
  • Start reading books to improve my English language
  • Sleep and wake up earlier
  • Brush my teeth on time
  • Further develop my drawing skills

Things that i didn’t had time to do before :

  • Blog
  •  Create an art piece
  • Binge watch a whole tv series or anime

Haizzzz those suffering from psychosis would be elated to a have such a long break and I guess I kind of deserve it so I should at least be content , after all who knows maybe I’ll start crying once school has commenced and stress is building up . CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE OF GOBLIN :):):))::):)):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::)):)):):):):):):):)):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::))::):):)):):):)::):):):):)::):)::)))::)):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):::):)):):):):):):)))))))):::):):):)):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)):):))))


Crushed : are we friends ?

Hey guys so I’ve recently been chatting with a few of my “friends”and there were multiple times when I asked myself are we really friends ? is this a toxic relationship? am I friend-zoned? or why are we still friends? I don’t have the answers to them so I’m hoping by blogging them down I can sort out all my feelings and end up with a conclusion for each one of these situations.

Case 1 : Am i in a toxic relationship ?                                                                                                    Story line : She was an outcast in the class . She frequently talks about her miserable life however she also constantly speaks about her passion and goals. Not calling her two-faced but she does have polar opposite personalities. Very bubbly and giggly on the outside , gets excited easily but pushes people away when she becomes very hurt which caused a lot of pain in my life. Generally have the same interests which is why we connect to a certain level. She often mentions about her love life which actually excites me instead of aggravating me unlike in case 2.

Evidence 1 : Demanding . Requests a lot of help from me and I just never EVER spoke about how frustrated I am when she needs my help. I am pretty much an independent person and don’t like to request help on personal matters because I seem weak and I HATE being weak. Which is why it frustrates me because it seems as if she is taking advantage of me which happened a plethora of times in my relationships . She requests a lot of help in one day and I foolishly oblige to all of them even if I felt tired and my whole soul was halfway looming outside of the vessel that is my body , I still complied .

Evidence 2 : Pessimistic . She would talk a bunch about how and why her day sucked and no matter how much effort I INSTILL advise and comfort into her mind she would REPEATEDLY mention it . Why must you rain on my parade? I get that emotional scarring can be very tough to handle and heal but even I would not speak of such matters constantly around people as I don’t want to ruin other people’s mood or seem attention seeking. Sometimes I would spend the whole day comforting her but she just won’t let go of her misery and I find that at the end of the day I’m the one suffering not her .

Evidence 3 : Contradicting . She said she was strong and could handle situations of being lonely as she is used to them yet she would complain about being lonely a MYRIAD of times. Now you might be thinking this is my fault ; however , it is not . I always welcomed her when she want to sit with my friends and I during lunch and its ultimately her decision whether she wants to hang with us or not . Not only that but she has abandoned me a shitload of times that I’m tired of hearing her saying she feels lonely when I’m the one getting thrown away by her . When I let her in on my depressing past she said she would protect me but she didn’t. I kept getting disappointed so eventually I stopped believing in her words and faked a smile every time she makes a promise . She even forgot my birthday so I pretended I did too .

Conclusion : Ultimately she could only rely mostly on me as almost no one was willing to  help her out in the class . I treasured her as my bff but she just let me down and made my cry so  many times . It is my fault that I don’t speak up there was once I did but she kept pleading me for help and I just thought if I was in her situation I would have done the same but she slacked while I was working hard to helping her and even fooled around with this popular kid right in front of my very eyes . I think I already know what kind of relationship we have yet I don’t want to come to terms with it neither do I want to talk to her about it . Now we have also gone our separate ways so I hope I won’t be suffering as much as before.

Solution : If this relationship continued what would I do? I think I would try to distance myself gradually and use excuses to either made me unavailable or request for help , hoping than it would not change me to a frequent liar or a needy person.

Case 2 : Are we even friends ?                                                                                                           How do you deem someone as your friend? Is it because of the fact that you’ve been talking for years that the person immediately becomes your friend or is it because there is a special connection and bond between you two that makes that person your friend ? Logically speaking it should be the latter . However I have a friend who is formed through the former . Story line she got abandoned by her friends and started talking to me , we did form a bond but I’m still unsure whether its special or not . we rarely meet up and have the same hobby .

Evidence 1 : We know a lot about each other . I’ve come to her crying a lot about things that upset me to the point of where I feel like killing myself and so did she . We also frequently ask each other how was our day and what did we do . Every and anything that would bother us we simply would notify one another .

Evidence 2 : Both of us have been bullied before . We were both mistreated from the ones we trust the most and those we barely know of . Both of us would speak words of encouragement to help us move on.

Evidence 3 : Abandonment or plain getting distracted . We don’t hang around often in school so this is not a really big issue for me but still quite notable . The fact that she would want to talk to me during school but than when spotting her other friends would chat with them instead kind of annoys me but its not that often so it’s kind of ok .

Evidence 4 :Not listening to my advice . When she faces a problem she will tell me but every time I come up with a solution for her she would most likely say idc . Now I know it in her heart it’s better to not care because it would end up hurting more but some issues are just too big to not care as they could psychologically hurt or possibly even scar her . Hence I worry a lot about her well-being as currently she is very tired of the mishaps in her life and doesn’t want to deal with it .

Evidence 5 : Boys . When she talks about a guy friend or a boy I’m usually like how do you want me to react to this because it seems almost as if she told me for the sake of telling and not otherwise which or may not be intentional. Sometimes  I get butthurt about her having a lot of guy friends and being able to communicate so smoothly with them . When she tells in such a detailed manner about her convo with one of her guy friends that made her laugh , I’m like so awkward about it, what do you expect me to reply because I just don’t find it funny……. There were a multitude of times when I’ve felt jealous and shitty of my life because of that and I’ve not made any guy friends simply because I want to impress her (just saying).However I believe our friendship is more than this small issue so I overlooked it

Conclusion : I think we are still and forever will be friends just not the best idk only time will tell what will happen to us , as of know we don’t chat that often due to it being the holidays and there’s not a lot events surfacing around .

Solution : Try going on trips or spend more time together and record how you feel . When I’m with her I feel cared for so I’m calm around her and just doing simple activities like eating dinner at her house soothes and comforts me . However if you feel no sensation from your friend why not ask your friend how she feels when she’s around you . If you share common interests maybe focus on those if you wish to bond or connect more . Sometimes I ask what’s the point since some our chats our so short and mundane but I guess only time can tell what will happen to us .

Case 3 : Am I being friend-zoned ?                                                                                                              I don’t have a crush on this guy but sometimes I keep questioning his ulterior motive . He kept wanting to meet up with me even though we have barely met and he ask me to treat him as if we were more than just friends but less than a boy girl relationship . I’m just so confused towards his actions , maybe his lonely and just wants a friend . Now if you are thinking that he is thinking about friends with benefits STOP OK because ……… actually not sure but if that was true idk what to do………………………………………………………..

Unfortunately I can’t provide any evidence as I do no wish for him to question my intention if he one day happens to chance upon  this blog  . Since we are not that close it would be EXTREMELY awkward if he knew who I was so yah………

Solution : I’m thinking of meeting up with him and see if afterwards anything changed also making sure that we won’t be eating late outside and that alcohol is not involved.


Kdrama Goblin/Guardian : The lonely and the great god

Sorry I haven’t been updating recently and yes if you are wondering I have gotten my O levels result back , its lousy…………………….:’) I’m undoubtedly going to apply for polytechnic but I’m still uncertain about the course I’m leaning towards to .

Anyways what I wanted to express in today’s blog is HOW MUCH I LOVE GOBLIN / GUARDIAN THE LONELY AND THE GREAT GOD.                                                                                      First of all , their song selection is outstanding. You HAVE to listen to Ysabelle Cuevas english cover of ( Stay With Me ) by Chanyeol and Punch . Here are my FAVVVVVVV songs from the drama , not in order.

  • Stay with me ( Ysabelle Cuevas english cover ) by Chanyeol and Punch
  • Hush by Lasse Lindh
  • Who are you by Sam Kim
  • Beautiful by Crush
  • My Eyes by 10 cm
  • You are so beautifu by Eddy Kim
  • I miss you by Soyou

THESE SONGS COUPLED WITH THOSE SCENES MADE ME BALLLLLLLLLL MY EYES OUT I get so emotional whenever I hear those songs. Especially when you recieve unrequited love the scenes plus the songs just makes you feel so envious , it LEGITS break my heart. Which girl wouldn’t dream about a handsome rich guy who would protect them and love them with all their might. If only right AHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHaHhahahAHHAHAH


Third of all , the script is BEYOND WORDS the writer of the drama Kim Eun Sook has won many awards and is the writer for many renowned dramas such as Descendants Of The Sun and Secret Garden. 

Btw loving (The weeknd – I feel it coming feat daft punk) I feel it coming by The weeknd

It’s upsetting that it has ony 16 episodes I wish there was a season 2 ………….haish if only




Glaring sun rays struck me like lightning, Quickening my pace , I rushed to grab my friend’s stuff at the mrt station (Mass Rapid Transit) afterwards I had to dash back my house to take my other friend’s birthday gift . As I had swipe the gift out of a cupboard I realised I had made one of my friends wait under the lonely terrain of the supermarket. As I ONCE AGAIN hurry back home to change and grab my bag to head to the hotel , my psychosis acted up. I heard a familiar voice said: “what do you want to say to her” and him replying: ” I don’t know never mind” I think…………..

Nevertheless I pretended it was nothing in order not to give in to my fear anyways even if they are really there I wouldn’t be able to recognise them since I didn’t wear my spectacles. However after I had took my bag and changed into a black class T-shirt (dri fit since it was humid outside ) , a pleather origami skort , a pair of black slip-ons all complete with a black lace choker 😍😌😍😌😍😌😍😌😍😌😍😌 , I looked back at the source of the voice , they weren’t there.

  My friends were planning to spend an all-nighter which was fine by me however I wanted some girl time with one of my friend. Now at this point of time I’m reflecting on how sad it was that I couldn’t spend time with my other girl friend who’s birthday is today?!!!  Like how dare I treat her like that . Haish I could tell she really wanted me to accompany her to go to the open houses since today is also the last day for the open house. OH YA BTW I WANTED TO VISIT REPUBLIC POLY BUT MY OTHER FRIENDS DIDN’T WANT TO so I guess that can’t be helped. 

I watched the guys play volleyball (it’s not as impressive as it sounds) and battle using lightsabers , $200 each. Afterwards we head for BBQ and then requested for some girl time. SEEING THAT BOTH OF US BROUGHT OUR OWN MASK we each wore half of our own and the others which was the: Skinfood egg white pore mask and the Innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask. After that we had a dance party , it included a lot of body waving and swaying of our arms. THE BIG BANG MADE ALBUM IS PERFECTION AT ITS FINEST. Afterwards we shower while the guys enter a jakuzzi outside of the room. Now we are currently chilling and caught up with our entertainment source : the phone . Played a little game of truth and dare. Ate hot pot in the room at 2:45 am and then some of us headed for bed while the others played games or watched videos. I for one was watching video until the lack of sleep finally caught on with me but I wasn’t fully asleep neither was I fully awake as I could hear the conversation in the room the entire time. When the clock strike 7:30 , my girl friend and I headed for the buffet at floor 1. The variety of food there wasn’t plentiful nonetheless we enjoyed the peace and change of scene around us (the room was like a pig sty) 

Just watching our friends peacefully sleeping away triggers the playful side of ourselves and the question “what if?” pops up into our mind. The temptation GREW HUNGRIER AND THIRSTIER DESIRING MORE AS SECONDS FLEW BY. Finally I took a sharpie marker and drew on his arm , the others joined in. I reached home at about 12:08 and let’s just say MY SKIN CONDITION HAS WORSENDED due to the high sodium content in the hot pot food and the bbq . I’m just using my Gatsby facial tissue I got from np and nyp open house to get rid of the bacteria as it kinda feels and smell like hand sanitiser , like the quick stinging sensation with the alcohol smell sensation. Than wash my fash with cetaphil? Gentle cleanser and top it all off with an aloe Vera mask . Also sleep and drinking HUGE amounts of water helped to calm my skin and reduce redness

Experience at Ngee Ann polytechnic and Nanyang polytechnic open house 2016

Ngee Ann polytechnic open house school experience 2016 
My first impression of the students at Ngee Ann poly was that they are very competitive people (it’s a compliment). Students were placed every 3m? and greeted us feverishly . This causes me to think that the placement of students might be too excessive; however, the placement of signages was just right. The reason why I think they are competitive was because the previous person had already asked if we needed help or if we knew where we are heading to but the next person asked us the same questions again even though I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE that do not have any hearing impairment. Although this does show how considerate they are to make our experiences the BEST.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 

My second impression was that they are very committed. When my friend and I reached the schools that we wanted to alight at through the shuttle bus in Np there was sufficient amount of students cheering and welcoming us. They showed that they put in full effort to the things they were tasked with no matter how little interest they have towards it. 

Design is sleek , simple and stylish

can be used as a hand bag

or a backpack by opening the buttons

The goodie bag is an overall innovative product 👍👍👍 Nonetheless it is called a goodie bag and there’s supposed to be goodies in it but……. It only came with water a SCRUMPTIOUS whoopie pie 😋 and some booklets, I mean where the goodies at bro (#`-_ゝ-) 

I think it also came with this which was really helpful as my friend and I did a lot of walking and touring which caused us to perspire a ton

Although at the school of health sciences theyat they give out a free door gift , cupcake or waffle , candy floss or popcorn , ice -cream and tattoo .

The design is pretty good

The content seems interesting

My experience at Nanyang poly

The design on the bag is aesthetically pleasing

There are also grid details

It even has a small pokcet for important objects such as house keys that can be even more readily asccesible

Even though none of the ushers greeted us and some were slack if I must say so myself but I had the most fun in nyp’s open house compared to other schools. 

NOW THIS is what I call a goodie bag it came with a zipper pencil case (not to be confused with a pencil case that uses a zipper to open), a pen, two sample size toner from Face shop by the brand Dr Belmeurshop, two sample size moisturizer from the same brand,  one A to salt cream from the same brand , one froaming cleanser by the same brand,  a file and I have no idea where I received these but I know it was in Nyp and it’s the Hada  Labo (Japanese brand) whitening pefect gel and whitening lotion . THERE WERE ALSO TONS OF FREE GOODIES in a lot of the booths and cca intro area (Co-curricular activities) . I made my own chopsticks gun and had my name written in Korea, gotten a bunch of snacks and took some badges. 

Free T-shirts were given out in the school of business management and a myriad  of games can be played at each booth near there . Oh I just found out that nyp also gives out the Gatsby facial tissue and a 10% off total bill Swensens ticket. Their newspaper #NYPAwesome had interesting content as well.